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WOH received 8.6 stars (out of 10)

WOH The Movie 2016

About Us

Tri Avatar Productions
Entertainment and Value Production

We are incredibly passionate about making Bollywood movies in Melbourne! Our first Bollywood-style production - WOH - has been made in Melbourne with local talent and features Bollywood-style performances. ‘WOH’ attracted audiences from around Australia and Fiji and received raving reviews from 'The Fiji Sun', 'Indian Link', 'Brisbane Indian Times' and Dandenong, Berwick and Cranbourne 'Journals'


We are passionate about Bollywood movies!

Deo Narayan

Writer, Producer, Executive Producer, Director
My aim is to make movies reflecting the values of the migrants and their journey in settling down in their homeland (Australia) and their integration in the broader community.


Producer, Executive Producer, Assistant Director, Production Manager
I believe that values need to play a vital role in everyone’s lives and that this is why I would like to dedicate my life to walk alongside a man who is striving to bring a change in this world through his films!

Ajay Gupta

Actor: “Mr Desouza”

Mudita Gupta

Actor: “Madhavi”

Sahil Saluja

Actor: “Sandeep”

Ankush Jindal

Actor: “Shekhar”

Rajiv Mahapatra

Actor: “Subbu”

Bir Pal Singh

Actor: “Gurjeet”

Rosalind Holz

Actor “Margaret”

Ashley Sawko

Actor: “Jenny”

Tulika Dash

Actor: “Tulika”

WOH The Movie

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